Up, Up and Away "Bleisure Travel" a new word for a new kind of travel!

I write a blog, of sorts, well honestly what I am is a photographer; what I do is travel, take pictures and then write captions; detailed captions - maybe I should call myself a “caption blogger”, yes, that’s perfect; I’m a Caption Blogger without a website - I do it via Facebook. (Wait, I do have and pay for a website, but I don’t use it. Can someone help me with that?)

Captions about what? Well, it starts with my pondering as I go along on a journey, taking pictures, and then sharing my thoughts of what inspired the image, or where it was taken; you get it, a caption. Take my Kauai trip...I rented a car and drove every inch of that Island. While I’m singing to the radio, I’m thinking - I mean I’m alone, what else is there to do. My trip to Senegal is the another example. We spent tens of hours over 19 days riding in a van, across hundreds of miles of bush, through villages and the city (Dakar). While riding and sitting in all the difference family compounds, for hours at a time, only able to verbally communicate with at most, 3 other people (not that I didn’t communicate with the nationals - we managed very well!), I had a lot of time to ponder; and let me tell you, there is SO much to ponder about - like “are we really, REALLY  going to eat here, is this even a RESTAURANT? Could I possibly wait to eat again until we get back to Newark in 2 weeks?” (I got over it!); or when am I going to break down and have to relieve myself next to this van of 5 men (only) on the side of this dusty road, or why are does this country allow these children to beg in the middle of a their major highway? And did people REALLY used to live in the ant hills!? And I take pictures and I write and I shoot, and I write. 

But as of a business conversation on Monday afternoon, I find myself inspired to go in yet another direction, a direction besides just travel photography. People that know me, tend to be interested in what I’m doing, how I do it, why it happens for me - and most are really amazed at what I’ll do solo. So over time, I’ll explain what I do and how, share a few pictures, and travel or destination recommendations, that might especially work when alone.

Bleisure Travel (business + leisure); personally I’d never heard this term, or picked up on it, until that Monday conversation when I was in the Chi Chi offices to discuss our soon to be released, updated website. While there, the term came up...who knew! It’s what I do all of the time! A lightbulb went off. I’ve decided to expand my Caption Blogging to include a “Bleisure Travel Caption Blogging”! I think a lot people would be amazed how much one can take in, in a short amount of time, as in hours or a day, even! But MORE, I want to share the benefits that come up when traveling alone - when you’re open to the world, the people, and your surroundings. Maybe it’ll inspire some of you to take a step and enjoy the world while they have the opportunity, even if you’ll have to do it alone. Unbelievable things happen, great opportunities. Yes, it can be lonely at times, but it’s truly a lot of fun! I’ve never regretted time spent alone traveling. People are great, you just have to put yourself out there. It’s a great big world, a playground of discovery, adventure, experiences and beauty. I hope you’ll join me in my adventures, it’ll be more images than words, perhaps a few recommendations, and always an itinerary - I think...I’ve got so much past to share already from places near and far like Senegal, Bermuda, Tokyo, Quebec, Costa Rica, Eureka Springs (YES, Arkansas, a great spot, such a European mountain town - who knew!) Kyoto, and a revisit to Tokyo, is next; I leave in October - I hope you join me, or at least check in from time to time.